Monday, June 24, 2013

Northern Virginia Nursing Students Association stuff Tote Bags

 We made quilted tote bags earlier this year and sent them off to Virginia nursing students.  Below are photos of the students stuffing the bags and getting them ready to take to the hospital. 

 During our August workshop we will be making more quilted bags for these students to deliver in December.  Our goal: 50 quilted tote bags by December!!  If anyone is interested in helping me make kits (will require a rotary cutter and cutting mat) let me know.

"Every year the Nursing Student Association for this program does a care package donation to Children's Hospital in Washington D.C. We fill the bags with goodies based on age, and gender.  We really love doing this activity and the kids at Children's Hospital are very appreciative." - Genesis (senior nursing student)

June Workshop - Quilt-As-You-Go

What an enthusiastic bunch we had on Friday! Five of our regular home schooled girls, plus two of their friends, made seven pre-teen girls creating quilts for kids in need! Awesome!! We learned a new method called quilt-as-you-go using 2 1/2" to 4" strips. Thank you Ellen for staying and helping the girls learn this new technique! (two of the girls were not posted because we need permission slips before putting up photos).
First we laid down the backing fabric, topped it with the batting then starting adding our strips as Chiara is demonstrating here.
Kayla and Jade
Kayla sewing on the strips
Jade (looks like they were concentrating so hard but they were having fun!)

Aryanna working on a preemie quilt

Always a beautiful smile from Deborah!
Helping Aryanna with her machine (she was doing an awesome job, sometimes our machines just don't cooperate).
Deborah with her finished strip set. Great job!
 Kayla and Chiara!  Well done!

Next workshop is Saturday, August 17th!  We will have tote bag kits available (if you want to learn how to make these we can show you how).  Plus quilt kits if you want to work on those instead.  New time: 10:30 am - 1:30 pm Same location!