Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August Workshop 2013/Quilts from Southern Maryland

It was a small but mighty workshop this past Saturday.  Deborah and Melinda helped make tote bags. Deborah brought in two finished preemie quilts from our kits, Nanci brought in two finished quilts from donated fabric and a quilted tote bag, and Susan dropped off donated fabric, quilt tops and quilting magazines for inspiration.  

We sure missed some of our regulars but know during the summer months it can be hard to make it out on a Saturday. Hope to see all of you next month!

Deborah with her finished projects!!

Joan V. from Southern Maryland also sent us these bright and cheerful quilts.  Thanks Joan!!
(If you would like to see other photos of quilts please visit our Annapolis Quilts for Kids Facebook page.)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Quilted Tote Bag Pattern

A couple of gals have asked for directions to our quilted tote bag so here is the pattern.  I took it from two different tote bag patterns so if the directions are unclear please let me know so I can change them.

Quilted Tote Bag
Please return finished bag to: Janet Hogan
Fabric Requirements:
2 – 14” x 11” rectangle focus fabric
1 – 14” x 11” rectangle contrast fabric
1 – 14” x 32” rectangle (lining)
Straps - 1 – 4” strip of fabric (cut the width of the fabric – approx. 40-44” long)
1 – 14” x 32” rectangle (batting)

Assembling the bag:
1.       Attach the 15x11 piece of contrast fabric in between your two 15x11 focus fabric pieces to make a 15x32 piece top making sure the pattern is going in the right direction.

1.       Layer your pieced top on the 15x32 batting.
2.       Quilt as desired
3.       Trim your excess batting off.
4.       Fold in half right sides together  to make a 15” x 16” rectangle, matching the raw edges. Pin in place.
5.       Using a  1/2” seam allowance, stitch both sides together from bottom up to the top
6.       With the top still wrong side out, the next step is to box the bottom corners of the bag.
7.       Using both hands, pinch and pull apart one bottom corner.
8.       As you keep pulling, the fabric will begin to make a little peak with the corner point at the top and the side seam line running down the middle of one side.  Repeat for the opposite corner.

1.       Measure 1 ½ from the tip of each corner peak and draw a horizontal line.
2.       Pin your folded ‘peaks’ and stitch along the drawn lines.
3.       Stitch back and forth along the line two or three times to reinforce. Trim away the peak on each side to about ¼” from the seam line.
4.       Turn right side out and push out to form the boxed corners.
5.       Repeat steps 5-13 to form boxed corners on the lining piece.
6.       Sew the Quilts for Kids label on the right side of the fabric about 2 ½ “ from the top of the lining.

The Straps
1.        Take the 4” strip of fabric and press in half lengthwise.
2.       Open fabric up and press each outside edge to the center.

1.       Fold fabric in half and press
2.       Top-stitch down each side of strap close to the edge.  Cut fabric in half so you have two straps about 22” long each.

Finishing the bag
1.       Turn the lining wrong side out and slip it inside the bag so the lining and the bag are wrong sides together.
2.       Align the side seams of the lining and the bag
3.       Turn under the top raw edge of the exterior bag and the lining ½" and press in place
4.       Place straps in between right sides of fabric on each side about two to three inches from the side edge and pin in place.

1.       Stitch all around the top opening of the bag 1/4” from the folded edges (use a decorative stitch if you want), attaching the lining and straps to the bag.