Saturday, August 29, 2015

Delivery and Workshop Photos

Tamie, Melinda and I went to the AAMC to deliver quilts yesterday! 30 quilts were delivered to the Pediatric's emergency room and 27 preemie quilts to the AAMC Auxilary for the NICU! This is an awesome number of quilts for us to deliver at one time!! Thank you to everyone who has contributed by donating fabric, cutting fabric for kits, and making the quilts! You all play a huge part in making these deliveries happen! Thank you for your big hearts!!! 

Vicky Z. from Crofton donated 24 1/2 lbs of fabric this month to quilts for kids. Thanks Vicky for sharing your stash!! Here is some of the yardage she donated.

August Workshop Photos  

Melinda showing us the preemie quilts she made on a recent trip to Florida!  These were delivered to Anne Arundel Medical Center's NICU!

Zoe loves making bags!  Thanks Zoe!  The kids at the Children's Medical Center in DC will love them!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Annapolis TV, Annapolis Mosaics Interview

Ellen and I went to an Annapolis TV, Annapolis Mosaics, interview last month to tell people about Annapolis Quilts for Kids. The show will be airing on Channel 34 (Verizon) and Channel 99/100 (Comcast) August 13 at 9 pm, August 15 at 10:28 pm, and August 16 at 8:28 pm. It will continue to show at other times but these are the most recent dates I know of. They will also give us a DVD of the taping and I'm hoping to upload it here soon.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

August 15th Workshop!

August 15th is our next workshop. We will be meeting at BACC from 10:30 to 1:30 in room 235. Kits and snacks will be provided.
Please bring your sewing machine and sewing supplies if you plan on sewing. If you want to come and check us out, just stop by and we might just find something for you to do. wink emoticon There is always fabric to dig through, cutting and ironing to do. We also love to chat and visit (and maybe learn a tip or two)! Hope to see you Saturday!!

Last month we had six completed quilts and two quilt tops turned in plus several quilts that are ready to bind. Thanks Carolyn (who had a finished quilt in our storage closet) Chiara, Eileen, Ellen, Rebecca and Wendy!!

Wendy is new to the group. She heard that we needed fabric cut to make kits and she totally blessed us yesterday by cutting for 3 hours!!! Kits were being taken as fast as she was cutting! We sure kept her busy! Thanks Wendy!
Chiara's finished quilt top!

Eileen's finished preemie quilt!